Thrive: Love Life Workshop

Friday 22nd June, Kingdom, Penshurst – 9.30am-4pm

We welcome you to the Thrive: Love Life Workshop at Kingdom, a magical and uniquely beautiful space set in 11 acres of pristine Kent countryside, the perfect setting to discover, connect and thrive.

This workshop has been uniquely crafted in collaboration with Kingdom Yoga and relationship coach Haya Kalechman to explore deepening intimacy and authenticity with yourself and others.

On this day we will discover the importance of why clear boundaries and harmonious ways of communicating consent are essential in our personal and professional lives. When we feel secure in our understanding of these elements we are then supported to experience a deeper connection and appreciation of love and intimacy.

We would love for you to join us to thrive, be guided and nourished in this workshop of self nurture through gentle yoga, conscious communication and movement meditation.


Welcoming circle

We will begin by tuning in with a short guided grounding meditation bringing focus to the body and the breath. We will then share our intentions and the outline for the day.

Yoga: Connecting to the heart space

A guided relaxation allowing time to settle into your body and anchor us into the space of the heart. We will then flow into a gentle and nourishing yoga movement practice to awaken and enliven our bodies.

Guided movement meditation

An exploration of your capacity to feel and deepen your experience of pleasure – through visualisation, breath, sound and dance movement. This is an invitation to safely (re)discover your sensual, alive and vibrant self.


Basil Wholefoods

Buffet selection of delicious, fresh salads, soups and quiches from the clubhouse cafe.


Boundaries and consent mini-workshop

Explore and discover the many ways we verbally communicate and impact each other, how we can set strong boundaries to stand our ground verbally and non-verbally: mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically, creating harmonious relationships with our partners, friends and family. We will create space to avoid miscommunication, depletion and fear, that give us more choices with a higher level of safety and self- assurance.

Closing circle

An opportunity to share and discuss your experience of the day followed by a relaxing guided meditation to finish.

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Essential information

  • Parking: There is free parking at the venue
  • What to wear: Comfortable clothing suitable for yoga practice
  • Please bring along a notebook / journal and pen
  • Lunch: Please let us know when you book your tickets if you have any dietary requirements
  • Refreshments: Herbal tea, water and sweet treats will be available
  • Yoga: Very gentle and suitable for any level of experience
  • IMPORTANT: There is no nudity or sexual activity involved. You are in control of your own learning process and will not be asked to participate in or do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

Meet the workshop team

Haya is an expert at love and relationships. She specialises in helping people of all ages and genders to improve their relationships with themselves and others. She supports and educates people in their personal and relational growth and empowerment, as well as in their emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual wellbeing. She offers a unique, holistic approach to love, life, relationships and intimacy that is heart led and rooted in the body.

Alice from Kingdom Yoga teaches in an uplifted, kind-hearted way encouraging students to feel deeper through savouring each movement and moment.  You will feel taken care of nourished and whole. Alice is also the founder of Shine Yoga and WomanKind.

Kelley from Kingdom Yoga teaches with a focus on refinement through breath led movement and detail. You will feel clear light and perfectly aligned. Kelley is the founder of The Swan’s Nest Retreat, a sanctuary for radiant living based in Kent.

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